AK47, M416, M92 Water Beads Blaster

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1. AK47 Water Beads Blaster 189$

Product details

Color Classic
Material 80% ABS Plastic , 20% Metal
Batteries Required?


Manufacturer Minimum Age 14
Maximum Range 64 Feet

  • Electric and Manual Shooting: Splat Gel Blater has two modes, electric mode and manual mode, you can switch freely according to your needs, two different modes bring you a different experience, AK47 Gel Blaster is powered by a 7.4V 1200mAh rechargeable battery, connected to the included USB data cable, only 2-3 hours to fully charge.

  • Best Outdoor Game Choice:An exciting shooting team game will bring you closer to your friends and family! splatter gel blaster is the best gift choice for Halloween, birthdays, Easter, Christmas, New Year holidays, group events, etc. Let's have a fierce shooting duel with your relatives and friends!

  • Easy to Assemble: The Splatter Ball set includes a complete gel ball blaster, adjustable magnification mirror, reusable battery and rechargeable USB cable, magazine, 10000 gel ball ammo and Goggles, installation instructions,Upgraded version splatter gel ball blaster for adult, Just connect a fully charged battery(The Battery Holder is placed in the back stock after unpacking), Introduce the pre-soaked water ammo into the magazine, Finally, you can enjoy the happiness it brings to you.

  • Safety&Non-Toxic:The gel splat ball is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. When it is launched, it will burst immediately when it meets an obstacle and will not leave stains on walls or clothes, it will evaporate naturally without the need for cleaning.


  • Best Gift: This electric gel ball blaster ar has a built-in upgraded gearbox and is powerful enough to shoot 7-8 gel balls per second with a longest range of 65 feet in a straight line and 90 feet in a throw line, The best gift for relatives and friends.


2. M416 Water Beads Blaster 119$

Warm Tips:

  • 1. Do must not directly shoot at people within 26 Ft; Do must not shoot at target within 10 Ft. Do not let water enter the magazine when loading water beads. Please wear protective safety goggles (included) before use.
  • 2. Do use 7-8mm water beads(If the water beads size not reach 7-8mm, it will cause a series of shooting failures).
  • 3. Because the water beads need to be transferred to the blaster body then it can be shot, the first 3-5 rounds empty is normal phenomenon. In case of a jam, shake the gel ball blaster back and forth a few times and try again.
  • 4. If not play the gel ball blaster for more than 2 hours, please pour out the water beads from the magazine to prevent the water from evaporating.
  • 5. Please stop using the battery when it is low and recharge it in time to avoid damaging the battery cell.

Special Care is Required When Using:

  • If you find that the Gel Blaster Toys is unable to shoot gel balls, check to see if there are not enough gel balls in the container. If the gel balls do not shoot out even after being filled, check to see if they are stuck in the tubing.

  • When charging with the USB charging cable, the red light is often bright and the green light is flashing, when chard ging is completed, the green light is often bright.
  • The battery charging time is 2-3 hours, the maximum is not more than 4 hours.


3. M92 Water Beads Blaster 49$

Causes of Stuck Gel Balls:

  • 1. As the gel balls are stored for a long time after soaking, the small gel balls cannot be discharged from the track properly and will accumulate in the pipe.
  • 2. If the gel ball is soaked for a long time, such as 2-3 days, the structure of the long-soaked water droplets will become loose and easy to cause rupture, thus jammed.


  • 1. Pour out the gel ball and leave the container and pipe empty.
  • 2. Gel balls should be soaked for 2 hours before use. Make sure the size is 7-8mm.
  • 3. Keep the container and tube clean when not in use, and do not have gel balls inside to avoid jamming when next used.


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