Established in early 2022, following the success of the brands in the parent company - STEVE MILLE INC PTE. LTD. We are a group of young designers from all over the world who have previously brought you luxury, exquisite, and elegance through our products.

As you may know, our Steve Mille brand has been wildly successful with high-end products ranging in price from $200 to more than $300 and is greatly adored by users around the world.

We are currently drawn to fun and awesome things because, after two years of the Covid 19 pandemic, we feel dull with the walls and desire to do entertaining things, to go out and have fun, take trips, and meet amazing people like you.

We looked through a lot of things to satisfy that newfound interest. Then we thought, why not open a store to give fun stuff to all the people like us around the world, in a convenient way?

And that's how SM HotStuff was born!

Based on many years of experience in the field of global trade, particularly experience working with supply chains, we have quickly built a store with a wide range of items based on the criteria we desire.

We also constructed a logistics system that can transport products directly from factories to customers all over the world in 10 days or less. This may not appear to be a quick delivery time, however, in return, we have low shipping costs, as well as the ability to import products in large quantities to the factory and optimize business operations, we can have high-quality products at affordable prices.

Keep up with us! Our sense of humor and creativity might well bring you products that spice up your life!!