We recognize that the price of a product does not reflect its true value, but most of the time it must include all the expenses the seller must pay to bring the product to the customer.

At the present time, those costs include:

30% of all marketing and advertising costs.

20% for employees and office expenses

Cost of production: 20%

20% profit for the seller

Capital, payment, shipping, and other contingency costs: 10%

This may not be true for all product lines, but it is a reasonable estimate. You must pay five times the actual value of any product. The above number can increase by up to tenfold if the product you purchase is associated with a specific brand. You've probably figured out what the problem is now, right?

To address this issue, we offer direct ordering from the factory to the customer. This ensures that you get a product that is worth every penny you pay.

You simply need to pay for the actual product value + shipping costs + a few dollars per order so that we can move it to you.

The only thing to be aware of is that shipping will take longer than purchasing from a local store.

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