Cervical Spine Massage Pillow, Portable Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Massage Pillow

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▶High-quality Material: This cervical spine massage pillow is made of high quality and durable polyurethane material, which is different from hard plastic. Neck massage pillow can bear the weight of the body or head, give you great comfort with the just-right firmness and softness. Great for relaxing neck shoulder muscles and helping users to maintain good spinal posture as well as relieving pain.
▶Ergonomically Designed: The neck stretcher adopts a design that conforms to the human body curve and acupressure point. Accurately aligning the massage position of the muscle position, when the user relaxes lying on his back, he relies on the gravity of the head to cause the effect of natural traction stretching. After accurate alignment, the user can relax and massage the muscles while twisting the neck from side to side.
▶Neck and Shoulder Relaxer: Neck and shoulder massage relaxer with massage points that target the soft areas of the neck and lower head, providing stretching and massage to release body pressure. Effectively soothes stiff necks, corrects neck curves and helps restore proper neck curvature associated with continued use. Refresh your neck, head and shoulders, feeling comfortable and relaxed.
▶Easy to Use: No power, health and safety. Just use 10-20 minutes a day, gently stretch, relax and rejuvenate your neck and shoulders anywhere, boost circulation.Lay this cervical spine alignment chiropractic pillow flat on the floor or yoga mat, lie down, then place the device under your neck, gently stretch your neck.
▶Easy to carry: Deep massage cervical traction equipment is a simple, lightweight and easy-to-use physical therapy device. Great for staff, office workers, students, drivers and people who need to bow their heads for a long time, effectively relieve office fatigue, driver fatigue, tension headaches, insomnia and dreaminess, neck and shoulder pain. Portable and can be used anytime, anywhere at home, in the office or in the gym.
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