Kitty Way Holder - Perfect Door Holder Latch for your Cat 🐾


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🌟 We've got the perfect solution to protect your kitty's personal space from bigger animals! Discover Kitty Way Holder 🐾 - A Perfect Door Holder Latch for your cat.

【🐾CREATE PRIVATE SPACE FOR YOUR CAT】With our Kitty Way Holder, you can easily hook it onto most doorknobs and safely keep the door shut. Your cat will be able to have some peace and quiet, away from any pesky intruders!

【🐾ADJUSTABLE HOLDER LATCH】Our adjustable cat door strap ensures the perfect opening width for your cat to enter and exit easily, while keeping larger animals or babies out. You can easily adjust the straps to prevent your dog from getting into the cat's litter box or feeder, and maintain your cat's privacy.

【🐾SIMPLE, QUICK, AND NO DAMAGE】Our Kitty Way Holder requires no tools or modifications to your door. It can be easily attached or detached in seconds, making it perfect for use at home or on-the-go with your pets. 


【🐾PERFECT SOLUTION】Protect your puppies and babies by using this latch to prevent them from entering unwanted or unsafe areas, such as the laundry room, bathroom, closet, bedroom, pantry, or office. It's a simple and hassle-free way to provide your cat with the freedom to roam while ensuring the safety of your little ones and puppies.

【🐾THE BEST CHOICE FOR PET OWNERS】Using the Kitty Way Holder to provide a safe and secure personal space for your cat, where they can feel comfortable and confident without any interference from intrusive factors.

✅ Specification

  • 1 pack = 2 cat door holder latches.
  • The cat door stopper helps prevent the door from closing and slamming.
  • Don't worry about clipping to the baby's fingers or cat's tail.
  • Perfect for any space with doors.
  • Easy access from either side of the door, locked or not, won't hinder your movement.
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