Retro Wanderer's Glow


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The perfect blend of unique design, warm light, and portability.

With its compact gas canister, you can easily carry and inflate it within minutes. The candle-style design and exquisite retro aesthetics of the lantern will create a romantic and enjoyable space for every adventures. 

Say Goodbye to Insect Disturbances

The gentle flicker of the candle-like flame deters insects from approaching your campsite, ensuring you have a peaceful and uninterrupted camping experience.

Portable Design

Compact and lightweight, Retro Wanderer's Glow is designed for easy transportation. The small canister allows for quick inflation, ensuring you can set up your campsite effortlessly.

Instructions for Small Canister

  • Directly connect the cartridge for inflation, press for about 15 seconds.
  • Under standard conditions, it can supply a candle for approximately 2-3 hours with a small flame.

Please note that: "Test results are for reference only; Please rely on actual usage results for various external factors, as minor deviations are considered normal.

Whether you're camping, hiking, hunting...

Retro Wanderer's Glow is the perfect companion

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